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No Straw, thank you.

No Straw, thank you.
No Straw, thank you.

America uses an estimated 500 million plastic straws a day, that is one scary statistic, even scarier when I tell you that those straws end to end could wrap around the earth two and a half times. We have all been awesome switching to reusable bags and the plastic bag charge in the UK has got single use plastic bags down by nearly 80% (figure from Wrap - the waste reduction charity). For an item which we use to drink something which is already in a glass which is made for drinking, from seems a little crazy but possibly not as crazy as the fact that we use a plastic straw for a matter of minutes but it will be on the planet for 400+ years. Marine rubbish pollution is made up of 80 - 90% plastic, imagine if places like Mac Donalds all switched to metal straws or paper straws? The scary thing is, nearly every piece of plastic that has ever been made, regardless of if it has been recycled still exists, for a single use item, this is just bananas.

Here at the #DaisyKnightsTribe we like to think about the effect our actions and decisions have on the planet we live on, especially the ocean. Straws rank in the top 10 for marine debris, think of those poor fishies next time you order a drink and say ‘No straw thank you!’

This awesome website https://strawssuck.co.uk/ sells metal straws for only £1. So if you know anyone who is worried about their teeth and does not like drinking from a glass point them in the reusable straw direction.

You can also buy nice paper straws https://www.notonthehighstreet.com/gingerray/product/pop-art-superhero-blue-chevron-paper-straws which can be recycled and are far more stylish that plastic ones anyway!

no more rubbish thankyou

Its single use plastic which I am worried about, I am not saying that all plastic should go! Here at Daisy Knights, I have used plastic for our Lace Dimes. They are not mass produced, as we are a very small brand. They are recyclable and they are injection moulded so there is no scrap produced whatsoever. (Injection moulders run on renewable electricity rather than using oil and water.)

Do not forget to share your photos and tag us with the #DaisyKnightsTribe including any pics of you with our items and the way you live you life to commit for a better world. I would love to hear your comments below and on my Instagram feed.


Our Ethos : Recycled and Fair Trade

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