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DYLON Home Dying

DYLON Home Dying
DYLON Home Dying

I pretty much always wear grey or white everyday so when DYLON told me about their red dyes I was a little nervous. I love making things (obviously, you can tell from my job!) and I love to customise clothes and adapt them so I was really excited to get my sewing machine out and to dye some items. Here is the first item I have done. Its an oversized denim jacket from Asos that I appliquéd a hibiscus flower on and then dyed with DYLON Tulip Red. It is so easy to use and such good fun too! If you want to achieve a stronger red, the same as the pack colour, submerge the fabric for the full hour and use sufficient dye for the fabric. I went out to lunch at Soho Farmhouse wearing my new red jacket and felt amazing. I even had two people asking me where it was from and I loved telling them I had dyed it at home with DYLON! Wearing red today has made me step outside my comfort zone and I even felt more confident and really enjoyed it. It bought new life to an old jacket which is so much better than buying a new one.

Here is how i did it, shot on my Olympus PEN. Give it a go!

Dylan home dying

Jacket before Dylon dying at home

cut out flower

Dying denim jacket with Dylon

Red denim jacketRed denim jacket Soho Farmhouse

  • Follow instructions for garment preparation on the packet (this is super easy)
  • I used an old bucket, rubber gloves, an old wooden spoon and did the dyeing in the garden just incase i spilt some, but it is surprisingly tidy to do.
  • You can follow Dylon for tips and inspiration on Twitter (DYLON_UK) and Facebook (@DYLONFabricDyes) and Instagram (DYLON_UK)



  • lorna:

    01 Aug 2016 10:03:33

    such a fun, cool idea love the jacket with the hibiscus on the back in a brilliant colour.

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