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As you may have noticed, I have been having an awesome summer using DYLON fabric dyes. I challenged myself to make a shirt dress inspired by a watermelon to match my new collection "Life" which is coming out later in September. It was surprisingly easy to dye this and I am totally obsessed with it, its really easy to control the dye depending on how long you dip the garment in the bucket of dye. Here are my photos of making the shirt dress and how I did it, I hope you like, give it a try!

I got the linen shirt dress from the Uniqlo sale:

shirt dress for DYLON dyeing

I dip dyed the top part of the shirt and gradually took it out over an hour to create a dip dye look, also found if you leave the non dyed part in a bucket of water it stops the dye running too fast:

Dying with DYLON

I then used a paint brush and Amazon green DYLON dye to make the watermelon rind:

green DYLON dye

I then let it dry flat so the colours did not run anymore:

watermelon inspired shirt dress

Taa daa!! This shirt dress is perfect for the beach:

watermelon shirt dress diy




  • Freyja:

    02 Sep 2016 11:16:36

    One of my favourite things <3

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