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As you know I love water sports, but I always have panda eyes after surfing no matter what waterproof mascara/liner I use (and I have tried A LOT). Recently, I discovered SportFX, a make up brand designed for the modern woman who is active but also wants to look nice. I put the products to the test on a little impromptu speedboat/paddle board towing situation and general boaty mess around with my husband. I wore the BB cream, concealer and eye liner.

Water Sports X Daisy Knights

The BB cream is nice and thick and I am actually going to swap my foundation for this as it is a teeny bit lighter and just feels nicer to wear than foundation but has a similar coverage. The concealer comes with a great applicator tip which is a sponge so it really easy to apply. The eye liner is soooo thin that you can do really subtle eyes which I love. The liner and lots of their other products are ‘duo design’ which is awesome, as it means that one liner has two colours in it so you don’t have mountains of products in your make up bag.

Another thing I love about this brand is that they are cruelty free and paraben free. Not only will I be wearing this when I am sailing and surfing but I am also looking forward to wearing SportFX over London Fashion Week to see how it keeps me looking and feeling after long days in the Designer Showrooms!

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My jewellery is designed to be worn and loved no matter what you are doing. My friendship bracelets are particularly good for wearing all the time as they are made using super strong nylon cord which is durable. We also offer free restringing for life so whether you just want a colour change or your bracelet is looking a bit loved then we have you covered!

You can shop SportFX and see what they are up to on Instagram here. #GetYourGameFaceOn


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