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Bespoke Jewellery Information

Which Wedding Ring Is Right For You?

Very rarely do a bride and groom want matching rings, but they can be tied together nicely with an engraving or gem set inside the ring. The below information should help you get an idea of the right rings for you. For a simple piece of jewellery it can be surprisingly overwhelming!


Court Wedding Rings

Timeless classic and traditional, court wedding rings are . Gently curved on both the inner and outer surfaces and are our most popular wedding ring. Sometimes referred to as comfort fit wedding rings.

Standard widths include 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm, but we are able to make any width you like, just ask!

All of our wedding rings are available in a choice of certified Fairtrade or recycled 18ct yellow gold, 18ct white gold or platinum. We also offer an engraving service. Please contact us for information on this.


D Shape Wedding Ring

D-shaped wedding rings are a very traditional style, rounded on the outside but with a flat inner surface. 

Standard widths include 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm, but we are able to make any width you like.

All of our wedding rings are available in a choice of certified Fairtrade or recycled 18ct yellow gold, 18ct white gold or platinum. We also offer an engraving service. Please contact us for information on this.

Halo Wedding Rings

The 'halo' ring is completly circular in profile, unlike the court and D shape. This is a lovely delicate ring and we often sell them alongside diamond engagment rings as an everyday wedding ring and the dimaond wedding ring is kept for mor formal occassions. This design works really well if you have a large engagment ring so not much room for a wedding ring.


Made to Fit Wedding Ring

If you commission us to design your engagement ring, we would be happy to design a matching wedding band for you. That way, you can be confident that the wedding ring that will fit perfectly with your engagement ring. This is something we take into consideration and discuss with you when designing your engagement ring.

If you already have an engagement ring, we would be delighted to create a bespoke wedding ring for you that complements its asthetic. We can create a shaped wedding ring to fit around engagement rings contours and come up with solutions for you.

We specialise in designing and creating custom-made engagement rings and custom-made wedding rings. Please contact us to arrange a consultation.

Bespoke Wedding Ring

If you would like a truly unique wedding ring Daisy can design something from scratch to compliment an existing engagement ring of to be worn on its own. Daisy designed and made herself seven wedding rings when she got married so she can chop and change them. Some people also like to go for a diamond ring and also a plain traditional band so that they can have an ‘everyday’ wedding ring and a special occasion wedding ring. Contact us for information.

Getting The Right Ring

Before you purchase a ring, you'll need to decide on the size you want. Your ring should be tight enough that it will not come off your finger, but not so tight as to be uncomfortable. It can be a strange thing trying a ring on if you have never worn one before!


Finger size can change with temperature, exercise, and other influences, so you need to look for a good compromise: a ring size that will work for you whether your hands are hot or cold, never overly loose or too tight. Ideally it is good to measure your finger size more than once, ideally at different times of day and ideally on both cold and warm days.

As a rule, the wider a ring is, the tighter it will feel on your finger.


Court bands and flat court bands, which are curved on the inside (which are also called comfort-fit) are design to slide over the knuckle more easily than the more traditional D-shape ring, which is flat on the inside. So, you may wish to have a slightly smaller ring size if you are after a court band.

Surprise ring

If you are buying or commissioning a ring as a surprise we can help you get the right size and will size it for free if it’s not quite right. But there are some ways so try and sneakly find out the right size for him or her!

If you trust them, you could try asking your partner’s close family or friends whether they know his or her finger size. In the UK we use an alphabetic scale of ring sizes.

If they already wear a ring on the correct finger, try to borrow it. If you can bring it in, it would best if could measure it for you.

Depending on whether your partner is left or right handed will influence the size of their finger. Their dominant hand will be a larger ring size.

If you cannot get any tips or cannot borrow a ring from your partner without spoiling the surprise, don’t worry, we are good at guesstimating and will size the ring once for free. (with the exception of certain bespoke designs*). Please contact us to arrange for your resize or ask advice on the ring size.

*We will let you know in advance if a design will not be resizable. 


Sizing Beads

Occasionally, the shape of someone’s finger means that the ring is hard to get over the knuckle but loose once it is on and spins around a lot. This si where sizing beads come in,they are two small domes of metal which are put inside the ring. These allow the ring to move over the knuckle but stops the ring being overly loose once it is over the knuckle. These can be added at a later date.


How To Choose An Engagement Ring



Firstly, set a budget. We will not stray from this or show you gems or diamonds outside the budget you tell us. We do get asked how much should be spent on an engagement ring, but it really should be whatever feels comfortable. A three month salary collation is a good place to start if you are really stuck for a budget idea. Daisy can work with any budget from £1500.


It can be scary choosing and designing a ring without your partner. But Daisy is a highly trained designer and has created many bespoke engagement rings so can guide you through ideas. It is good to keep an eye out on the style’s of rings she likes (or does not like!) What colour jewellery does she wear? Silver? Gold?

There are several classic styles, solitaire (one diamond on a band) trilogy rings (3 gems on a band) lots of little diamonds in a more vintage style. But we are here to help!


At Daisy Knights we only use responsibly sourced or second hand gems. We love to rework family jewellery too! So if you have an old broach you want us to use the gems from we can check the gems and use them. Coloured gems can be a tough one to know if your partner would like, but we can help guide you.

Diamonds are valued according to their weight (carats) and their quality (colour, clarity and cut), known the 4 c’s. Daisy Knights prides herself on interesting engagement rings using not just diamonds, if you are open to other gems your budget may well go further!


Wedding Gifts

So you have got your wedding ring sorted but how else can we help? It can be hard to know what you give bridesmaids and ushers at your wedding. Daisy has designed and made some beautiful and special pieces for weddings! Tie pins and cufflinks are a good one for ushers, tie pins are surprisingly good value and can be designed especially for you, and then, how about matching necklaces or bracelets for the bridesmaids? At Daisy’s wedding her husband wore a gold skull tie pin and the ushers had silver versions. 


Bespoke Warrenty

Each piece of bespoke Daisy Knights jewellery is made in the UK to the highest standards of craftsmanship by master craftsmen. We are happy to stand behind every piece of our jewellery with Daisy Knights Warranty ('our warranty').

In the extremely unlikely event that your Daisy Knights bespoke jewellery is found to have a manufacturing defect at any time within ten years of purchase, we will make good your jewellery.

All jewellery will experience wear and tear over time, which left unchecked for an extended period may lead to diamonds and gemstones coming loose in their settings. For that reason, we strongly recommend bringing your jewellery back to Daisy Knights once every twelve months so that we can check it and advise if any maintenance work is required. Jewellery that has not been checked by Daisy Knights within the preceding twelve months will not be covered under our warranty.

Please note that our warranty is not transferrable, and does not cover damage caused by wear and tear, lack of care, accidental damage, deliberate abuse of the jewellery, or loss or theft, and that any repair or modification of Daisy Knights bespoke jewellery not conducted by Daisy Knights voids our warranty.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our warranty. Please note, this warranty only applies to bespoke Daisy Knights.




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