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How To Choose An Engagement Ring



Firstly, set a budget. We will not stray from this or show you gems or diamonds outside the budget you tell us. We do get asked how much should be spent on an engagement ring, but it really should be whatever feels comfortable. A three month salary collation is a good place to start if you are really stuck for a budget idea. Daisy can work with any budget from £1500.


It can be scary choosing and designing a ring without your partner. But Daisy is a highly trained designer and has created many bespoke engagement rings so can guide you through ideas. It is good to keep an eye out on the style’s of rings she likes (or does not like!) What colour jewellery does she wear? Silver? Gold?

There are several classic styles, solitaire (one diamond on a band) trilogy rings (3 gems on a band) lots of little diamonds in a more vintage style. But we are here to help!


At Daisy Knights we only use responsibly sourced or second hand gems. We love to rework family jewellery too! So if you have an old broach you want us to use the gems from we can check the gems and use them. Coloured gems can be a tough one to know if your partner would like, but we can help guide you.

Diamonds are valued according to their weight (carats) and their quality (colour, clarity and cut), known the 4 c’s. Daisy Knights prides herself on interesting engagement rings using not just diamonds, if you are open to other gems your budget may well go further!

Surprise Ring

If you are buying or commissioning a ring as a surprise we can help you get the right size and will size it for free if it’s not quite right. But there are some ways so try and sneakly find out the right size for him or her!

If you trust them, you could try asking your partner’s close family or friends whether they know his or her finger size. In the UK we use an alphabetic scale of ring sizes.

If they already wear a ring on the correct finger, try to borrow it. If you can bring it in, it would best if could measure it for you.

Depending on whether your partner is left or right handed will influence the size of their finger. Their dominant hand will be a larger ring size.

If you cannot get any tips or cannot borrow a ring from your partner without spoiling the surprise, don’t worry, we are good at guesstimating and will size the ring once for free. (with the exception of certain bespoke designs*). Please contact us to arrange for your resize or ask advice on the ring size.

*We will let you know in advance if a design will not be resizable. 


Sizing Beads

Occasionally, the shape of someone’s finger means that the ring is hard to get over the knuckle but loose once it is on and spins around a lot. This si where sizing beads come in,they are two small domes of metal which are put inside the ring. These allow the ring to move over the knuckle but stops the ring being overly loose once it is over the knuckle.

"Masculine and modern, but with a classic sensibility" - Vogue

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