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Bespoke Warranty

Each piece of bespoke Daisy Knights jewellery is made in the UK to the highest standards of craftsmanship by master craftsmen. We are happy to stand behind every piece of our jewellery with Daisy Knights Warranty ('our warranty').

In the extremely unlikely event that your Daisy Knights bespoke jewellery is found to have a manufacturing defect at any time within ten years of purchase, we will make good your jewellery.

All jewellery will experience wear and tear over time, which left unchecked for an extended period may lead to diamonds and gemstones coming loose in their settings. For that reason, we strongly recommend bringing your jewellery back to Daisy Knights once every twelve months so that we can check it and advise if any maintenance work is required. Jewellery that has not been checked by Daisy Knights within the preceding twelve months will not be covered under our warranty.

Please note that our warranty is not transferrable, and does not cover damage caused by wear and tear, lack of care, accidental damage, deliberate abuse of the jewellery, or loss or theft, and that any repair or modification of Daisy Knights bespoke jewellery not conducted by Daisy Knights voids our warranty.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our warranty. Please note, this warranty only applies to bespoke Daisy Knights.

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