Diamonds + Gems


Diamonds were formed hundreds of years ago by high pressure and heat. The diamonds we use are ethically sourced with care taken of the environment and the people who mine, cut and polish them. 

Cubic Zirconias

Diamonds are supposed to be a rare and desirable gem stone and as they are natural and finite in their quantities we do use cubic zirconias in some of our main line jewellery collections. These are as hard as diamonds but are man-made and are actually better for the environment. We do not use cubic zirconias in bespoke work and it will always be stated on the product page what the gem is.

Conflict Free Diamonds

The Kimberly process does not guarantee that your diamonds are conflict free. 

This scheme requires that all rough diamonds crossing an international border should be transported in a tamper-resistant container and accompanied by a government-validated Kimberley Process Certificate; that each certificate should be resistant to forgery, uniquely numbered and describe the shipment's contents; and that shipments are only permitted between KPCS participant countries.

The Kimberley Process has reduced the trade in conflict diamonds, unfortunately the problem has not been stopped, and diamonds produced in conflict zones are being smuggled to neighbouring regions to be certified.  In places like Zimbabwe the army have taken control of diamond fields, they force the locals to work for them in the mines and are often raped and killed. These diamonds are an examples of 'blood diamonds'.

Second Hand Diamonds

We also use second hand diamonds that have been taken out of old jewellery pieces, this way you are protecting the earth by not mining for a new gem. It's a form of recycling! We can work with old family jewellery. We do not, however, work with clients providing loose gem stones of their own.

Coloured Gems

We have several sources for coloured gem stones from small scale miners or secondhand jewellery. To maintain our commitment to the environment and social responsibility we are unable to accept commissions with gems clients have bought themselves, we do however love to rework old family or antique jewellery.