Recycled + Fairtrade




All of our pieces are made from recycled gold and silver. Reducing the demand for newly mined metals helps protect the earth from the environmentally damaging effects of mining practices. We are currently un able to get recycled chain but as soon as it is available we will be using 100% recycled chain. We can get solid 9k chain which is fair trade, it will be stated on the product page.

For Daisy's bespoke work we use recycled gold and platinum that comes from a refinery that sources old gold and platinum from lots of sources, including jewellery, computers and other industries, and then they refine these metals back to their pure form ready for us to work with. We also can use ethically mined gold and platinum, so you can decide which route you would like to go down when discussing bespoke work with us.

Recycled gold and platinum are identical quality to newly mined gold or platinum.

Fair Trade

Artisan miners make up ninety per cent of the global workforce involved in the mining of gold, and millions of people worldwide rely on small-scale gold mining to survive. Few of these miners receive a fair price for the gold that they work tirelessly to produce. Working in dangerous conditions, with no health and safety measures, and often children are forced to work.

Fair trade certified gold provides small-scale miners and their communities with the opportunity for better living and working conditions. Fair trade gold comes from mines in Peru, Tanzania and Kenya.